ELP Laser Turntable LP Player

ELP Laser Turntable LP Player

This is the world one and only LP player which extract data from vinyl record with laser beam instead of stylus. It is 100% analog.  It provides more  sound info and details as  the laser beam is so fine that it can retrieve the data from the deepest part of the groove where a conventional stylus unable to reach. It also avoids the distortion, omissions and coloration caused by stylus, cartridge and tone arm mechanism.

Another biggest advantage is that it won’t cause any wear and tear at all to your precious records as there is no direct contact at all during playing. You can still enjoy the best sound quality no matter after how many times you have played it.

Laser Turntable is very easy to operate and it comes with a remote control,  you can rewind, fast forward, pause and choose track with it.

Laser Turntable also giving an option of having a line output where you can save from buying a separate phono amp and interconnect cable.

Come over to our showroom to discover great analog sound without all the setting up hassles.

For more information, please refer to www.elpj.com

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